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Beekeeping.events – A one-stop shop

As the world around us rapidly changes both in terms of government restrictions on meetings, events etc and new technology that gives us an increasing range of options in which to communicate, it quickly became apparent that knowing what beekeeping events were going on, when and where was an increasing challenge. Each organisation strives to communicate events via printed magazines, e-newsletters to past/existing customers, via website listing and email cascades. 

In an attempt to signpost everybody to every event, www.beekeeping.events was formed in September 2018. Contributors can register and freely log their events. In today’s environment of webinars and online broadcasting, the beekeeping audience is no longer restricted to the local beekeeping group or county, members of an Association or even any single country any more.

People are interested in beekeeping events, whether the events are national, local, web-based or (when we are permitted) an actual physical event, and this website is aiming to be the single point of information and contact for every free and paid-for beekeeping event from the complete spectrum of event organisers.

It’s nothing fantastic nor is it complicated. We won’t be harvesting data or information from anybody. Just look at the events calendar, perhaps shortlist the type of event you are looking for and then see when & where it is next being held. A link will be present for all events to go directly to the organiser’s website for booking etc.

The service is entirely free to help more beekeepers keep more bees in a more sustainable and satisfying way.

In most cases, the events are entered by the organiser, therefore Beekeeping.events is not responsible for the accuracy of data.



A one stop shop…
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