Bee Handling and Husbandry Course – Stoneleigh, Warwickshire – 5 Days

This is a 5 day residential course, the course is designed to meet the needs of Beekeepers who have been keeping bees for at least three years and are at intermediate level in their beekeeping. All participates should have several years experience and preferably hold the Basic Certificate. There are elements of the course that would be useful to all levels of beekeepers, it is designed to encourage wider knowledge and expertise.

The course will cover queen rearing, microscopy, disease, as well as basic handling techniques such as Bailey comb change, shook swarms, combining colonies, creating nucs and feeding bees alongside setting up an apiary and pitfalls to avoid.  Swarm prevention, control and dealing with swarming colonies will also be well covered.

The evening lectures will offer an opportunity to extend knowledge and will be valuable to all beekeepers.

The course will have a large practical element and provide opportunities to ask questions and discuss matters concerning bees.


Venue Location:    Stoneleigh, Warwickshire

Course Dates:       Monday 25th April – Friday 29th April 2022

Course Fee:          £695.00 per person – including accommodation and meals


Maximum number of participants is 12

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