Beekeeping in Bhutan


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28 Sep 2022


7:00 pm

Beekeeping in Bhutan

The CBKA are delighted to welcome Paula Carnell to talk to us about her adventures in search of native and imported bee species in Bhutan


In 2018 Paula Carnell visited Bhutan in order to learn more about how a remote country that farms organically cares for its bees. She discovered a lot more than she bargained for. Travelling the country with her guide and driver, she met beekeepers, visited honey houses, whilst all the time learning about the Buddist connection with bees. Paula’s talk will encompass all this as well as tell us about the people she met, their traditions and some of the most spectacular temples and traditions from this mysterious Kingdom in the Himalayas.


About the speaker

Paula Carnell was born in Dorset, England and has spent much of her adult life living in Castle Cary, Somerset. Forming ‘Possi’ in 1990 as part of the Prince’s Youth Business Trust’ scheme, she soon had a successful enterprise selling her original paintings on silk, and printed greeting cards of her work sold in over seven hundred shops across the UK and exported to eleven countries worldwide.

Opening a gallery in Castle Cary in 1995 established her as a familiar face in the town, until she ‘retired’ from retail in 2004 and focussed on her personal painting career. Exhibiting in London and the USA, Paula was fulfilling her dream as a globe travelling artist.

Then in 2008, she began to fall ill, becoming bed and wheelchair bound with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2009. The following seven years were spent on a personal quest to find meaning in life, transforming from an artist to a bee speaker.

Achieving a full recovery in 2016, she is studying as a medical herbalist with the IRCH, runs her business ‘Creating a Buzz about Health’, working as a Global beekeeping consultant, writer and speaker. She lives in Castle Cary with her husband Greg and three sons.

Beekeeping in Bhutan
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