BeeTV: Building Pollinator Habitats


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06 Oct 2022

BeeTV: Building Pollinator Habitats

A panelist discussion on building habitats for pollinators


A key strategy to saving the bees is bolstering the habitats they live in. Join The Bee Conservancy for a deep dive into pollinator planting strategies and easy steps you can take to ensure bees are well fed and have safe haven.
During this engaging webinar you’ll hear from experts with hands-on experience discuss:

  • The relationship between pollinators and native habitats
  • The role of trees and native ground cover in supporting bees
  • A case study on building pollinator meadow on several hundred acres of state park
  • A case study on how a brand approached their habitat-building sustainability goals
  • Ways you can help, no matter where you live!
BeeTV: Building Pollinator Habitats
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