Breeding out bad traits – Peter Sutcliffe

Pete Sutcliffe
Having grown up helping his father with beekeeping in Yorkshire, and started in his own right in Suffolk, Pete Sutcliffe now keeps an average of 20 colonies on various
sites in the Dane Valley in Cheshire, ably assisted by his wife, who gave in after 20 years! Pete is a BBKA Correspondence Course Tutor, a Basic and General Husbandry Assessor, and he has set and marked Module examinations. Having edited the Cheshire Beekeeper magazine for several years, he is presently Chair and Education Secretary of the Cheshire Beekeepers’ Association. He as led several queen rearing workshops in the past and tends towards the opinion that in the field of bee-breeding it would be good to have “a little less conversation, a little more action”!

Title: Breeding out bad traits.
Early beekeeping tended to favour swarmy bees, but we do not do much better nowadays, even with all the knowledge and equipment at our disposal. We also hear frequent complaints about bad-tempered bees, and this causes particular difficulties for beginner-beekeepers. Small-scale beekeepers are desperate for queens and will accept anything going, it seems. It doesn’t have to be this way! Pete will outline some relatively simple methods of improving your bees. Simple, but not necessarily easy – nothing is gained without a little effort, but a lot could be gained if most
people made a little effort!

More info about this webinar and links to watch on Zoom (if you are a BIBBA member) or on YouTube (for everyone) on the BIBBA website: 

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