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In beekeeping, there are a lot of people who are keen to give advice, whether it is verbally or the written word in the form of books, leaflets, newsletters or the computer screen. There are a lot of
myths and misinformation, often ā€œcut and pastedā€ from other sources, which may simply be copying someone elseā€™s mistake, who copied someone elseā€™s mistake and so on. The same thing is then seen in different places and because itā€™s in print itā€™s believed to be correct, but is it? Inexperienced beekeepers may have difficulty separating the wheat from the chaff, but the more experienced a beekeeper gets, the more they realise that some of what they have been told, sometimes quite forcibly, may have an alternative. This presentation highlights a few topics that may not always be as we are told. It doesnā€™t rubbish the ā€œstandard informationā€, but gives experiences that have been acquired during over half a century of practical beekeeping.

Part of a series of webinars ā€œSound Foundations in Beekeepingā€. Ideal for those who have recently started, but there will be material suitable for the more advanced.

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10 Apr 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm








  • Roger Patterson
    Roger Patterson
    Deputy Chair of BIBBA

    Roger was brought up on a farm in West Sussex and started beekeeping in 1963. He has travelled widely, speaking on and demonstrating practical beekeeping, where his down to earth approach gained by observation, lateral thinking and being taught by many colonies of honey bees for over 50 years is appreciated. He is privileged to have seen different bees being kept in different conditions, which, together with removing several hundred wild/feral colonies has formed his opinion of what bees are best suited to our fickle climate.

    Roger encourages beekeepers to use simple management techniques and keep good tempered, healthy and productive bees that suit their locality. He has not bought an imported queen for well over 50 years, preferring to rear his own from the best of those that have survived locally.

    He is a prolific writer and owns and manages Dave Cushmanā€™s website www.dave-cushman.net, that is accepted as one of the worldā€™s most comprehensive beekeeping websites.

    In his three webinars, Roger will attempt to cover some points the other speakers may have omitted. He will address some of the issues that face beekeeping and some the previous speakers may have raised. Apart from a few short spells, honey bees have been imported on a fairly large scale for over 100 years. Importation doesnā€™t seem to have solved anything, other than to weaken the stock that is already here for short term gain.

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