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In those early years of beekeeping, I made lots of mistakes and took everything that another beekeeper told me as the gospel truth. It wasn’t until I figured that the advice from different people started conflicting with each other and that the ‘fool-proof’ solutions didn’t always work that I had to go back to basics and make my own decisions. This talk touches on some of the basics as well as ways to save money, get free bees and how to end up with a beekeeping plan that works for you.

Part of a series of webinars “Sound Foundations in Beekeeping”. Ideal for those who have recently started, but there will be material suitable for the more advanced.

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20 Feb 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm








  • Karl Colyer
    Karl Colyer
    Chair of BIBBA &

    Karl has been keeping bees since 2003. He enjoys building his own hives from recycled wood
    where he can and is a very practical and hands-on bee breeder, bringing his engineering, quality
    and production experience to the fore. 
    Karl has set up a not-for-profit social enterprise (www.beesinourcommunity.org.uk) which places hand-made hives and home-bred bees onto company properties, farmland as well as into individual’s back gardens. This creates a growing curiosity for bees and catalyses people to want to support them and (hopefully) keep their own. He mentors a number of new beekeepers and has a growing number of hives in Cheshire and beyond.

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