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The North East Yorkshire Heather Moors are abundant in Ling heather during August. The heather honey is a prized and high value product, so why spend 50 weeks of the year working for 2 weeks of good weather in August?

Tony will explain with this window being so short and unpredictable, how the bees have to be set up correctly to maximize the crop.

From the spring onwards colonies are operated to concentrate on producing bees. How to operate hives without Queen Excluders or as Tony refers to them “Queen restrictors or Honey Excluders”.

The development of local black bees and manipulation of brood through the “June gap”; to maximize foraging bees for August, then setting up strong colonies prior and just before moving will be discussed. Experience with moving colonies and what to do when things go wrong will be shared, leading onto what to do with them whilst they are on the moors, how to bring them back home safely and sort out the (hopefully) prized product. Then setting the colonies up for the winter.

His first recollections go back to the late 60’s are of venturing out to the heather stance transporting 5 nationals in a Mini Saloon,(yes it is possible but probably illegal now). Things have moved on since Tony applied his engineering skills to make moving bees a simple and stress free experience.

Part of a series of webinars at an intermediate/advanced level which is intended to satisfy all experienced beekeepers and will appeal especially to the more progressive ones, but should also be relevant to those of lesser experience who wish to understand their bees more.

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23 Mar 2021


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm








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