Food Safety for Beekeepers with Andy Pedley


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03 Nov 2022


7:00 pm

Food Safety for Beekeepers with Andy Pedley

Andy shares his knowledge about how to comply with food safety regulations when preparing honey and other products of the hive.

Andy has been keeping bees for 30 years, and as an environmental health officer developed an interest in the law on food safety as it applies to beekeepers and honey production about 10 years ago, realising that there was a fair amount of misinformation and traditional, but not always good, practice, among beekeepers. In 2009, he authored a series in BeeCraft on the Food Safety Legislation, and has authored other relevant articles for them too – on the Honey Regulations and Recycling jars.

He’s recently worked more on the nuts and bolts of food safety for beekeepers and has presented talks on this, and the Food Safety law as it applies to beekeepers, at the National Honey Show workshops and to local associations. Northern Bee Books asked him to produce a book and this is now in print: Food Safety for Beekeepers

Andy is currently the Training Apiary Manager for Oxfordshire BKA; this gives him responsibility for 10 colonies there as well as his own seven in various apiaries around Oxfordshire.

Food Safety for Beekeepers with Andy Pedley
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