“Honey Bee Watch. A Citizen Science Study on Free-Living Colonies” – Steve Rogenstein and Grace McCormack

Do you know of bees living freely in the wild? Help us identify and protect them!

Honey Bee Watch is a global citizen-science study to better understand the traits of survivorship among untreated and free-living colonies. Starting with a UK-based pilot focused on Apis mellifera, it’ll eventually expand into new regions and include all 10+ Apis species. Its aim is to increase scientific knowledge about these species, potentially leading to more sustainable beekeeping practices as well as educational programs and conservation initiatives to engage and inspire the wider public to act locally to protect threatened or endangered populations.

During this webinar, core team members Grace McCormack and Steve Rogenstein will describe the project and explain how beekeepers and concerned citizens all over the UK can participate.



04 May 2021


5:30 pm



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  • Grace McCormack
    Grace McCormack
    Professor in Zoology at NUI Galway

    Grace McCormack is a Professor in Zoology at NUI Galway. Her interests lie in evolutionary biology and particularly in using molecular data to understand how organisms are related to each other and the impacts this may have on conservation and on the evolution of organismal traits. The interaction between animals and their parasites/pathogens over evolutionary time is also of interest as is the use of molecular information in applied science such as biodiscovery (marine sponges) and apiculture (bees). Grace has published over 60 research papers and book chapters and currently has a team of three PhD students and a research assistant. Grace has been beekeeping for about 7 years and currently manages 15 colonies. She became interested in free-living colonies in 2015 and has been investigating their survival, diversity and distribution since. She is interested both in conservation of Apis mellifera mellifera and resilience of untreated bees to varroa and other challenges introduced by humans.

  • Steve Rogenstein
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