Honeybee pests, diseases and poisoning (Module 3) Zoom Meeting (4 of 5)

The events will be held 7-9pm via zoom

The course agenda will be built around the syllabus for BBKA Module 3 but will be of interest to anyone who has been keeping bees for a couple of years and simply wants to expand their beekeeping knowledge, regardless of whether they want to take the exam.

  • December 8th 2020, American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood – led by Ivor Flatman
  • December 15th 2020, Adult bee diseases (Nosema, Acarine, Amoeba) – led by Derrie O’Sullivan
  • Jan 5th 2021, Varroa – led by Ivor Flatman
  • Jan 12th   How disease affects the alimentary, excretory and respiratory systems of the adult honeybee – led by Derrie O’Sullivan
  • Jan 19th 2021 Statutory requirements, Asian Hornet and Bailey Comb exchange – led by Ivor Flatman

About your tutors

Ivor Flatman was introduced to beekeeping by his (then) prospective father-in-law and joined Barnsley BKA over 40 years ago where he was Chairman for many years. Living in Wakefield Ivor also joined the Wakefield & Pontefract Association and over the years has been actively involved in education work and is currently President of that Association. Ivor is a past chairman of YBKA and continues to serve on the GPC as Bee Health Liaison Officer. He is also well known as a BBKA Senior Honey Judge. In 2005 Ivor joined the NBU as a Seasonal Bee Inspector and subsequently spent 10 years as the North East Regional Bee Inspector before retiring in 2018.’

Derrie O’Sullivan lives about a mile from Huddersfield town centre and has kept a small number of colonies in Langstroth Jumbo hives in his garden since 2008.  He has been chair of Huddersfield and District BKA for four years as well as a YBKA Delegate and is currently a member of the YBKA General Purposes Committee.  Derrie is a strong believer in continuous education and is pleased to be able to contribute to this process by helping to promote the knowledge and understanding of the fascinating world of the honeybee.


Honeybee pests, diseases and poisoning (Module 3) Zoom Meeting


12 Jan 2021


7:00 pm




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