My garden of a thousand bees – a talk by Martin Dohrn


How an award winning wildlife film maker spent the pandemic filming the wild bees in his small urban garden in Bristol.

Wildlife film maker Martin Dohrn has spent a decade studying the wild bees in his garden. But it wasn’t until the first lockdown of the pandemic that he felt confident enough to actually make a film about them. Martin set out to try and record the most interesting behaviour he could find in his tiny urban garden.

Despite these ten years of observations, Martin was astounded over and again by what he filmed, and by how the bees reacted to being watched. He became quite bee-obsessed and even developed relationships with individual bees.

Of the sixty or so species in Martin’s garden, he managed to find a place in the film for about thirty of them. From the largest bumble bee queens to the tiny scissor bees, Martin recorded fascinating differences in behavior that set the many species apart.

The film ‘My Garden of a Thousand bees’ has so far aired only on PBS in the United States but Martin is in discussions to show the documentary on our screens in 2022.

In the meantime here are some tasters.

In his talk Martin will discuss the challenges he faced making such a film and the salient ‘discoveries’ he made whilst doing so. He will talk about the joy he felt on seeing, finding and then identifying the bees he came across. The difficulty he found was that a surprising number of bees are very shy and so you may not notice them.



26 Jan 2022


7:00 pm


Cambridgeshire (Eng)


Cambridge Beekeepers


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