Propolis: A Medicine for Our Time – Online Conference

Propolis: A Medicine for Our Time

An Online Conference Thursday 27th May & Friday 28th May 2021

Propolis has been used as a medicine since Egyptian times. Modern science has explored its many anti – properties in particular the anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties of a substance that provides the honeybee with its unique immune defence. The Covid Crisis has seen a renewed interest in this remarkable substance. The conference will explore the following areas.

  1. The use of propolis in clinical trials
  2. The chemical and biological properties of propolis
  3. The use of propolis as a therapeutic – apitherapy
  4. Setting standards including international standards for propolis
  5. The impact of increased demand for propolis on honeybee populations


May 27th 2021

Session I – Trials Involving Propolis in Clinical Settings
Chairperson James Fearnley


10:00 Propolis EPP-AF reduced the time of hospitalization in the COVID-19 patients – pilot, randomized and controlled clinical trial Andresa Berretta
10:30 Effect of antioxidant-rich propolis, honey and bee pollen extracts against type 2 diabetes and its associated risks : a potential approach that warrants a clinical investigation Badia Lyoussi
11:00 Propolis in Metabolic Syndrome and its chronic diseases. Felix Zulhendri
11:30 Propolis a new role in modern medicine. Stefan Stangaciu
12:00 Standardized propolis on upper respiratory tract infections in humans Vicenzo Zaccaria

Short Lectures

12:30 Effectiveness of a standardised propolis extract in non-surgical periodontal therapy. Nicola Volpi
12:45 Propolis in the treatment of diabetes. Deyong Jiang
13:00 Case Study Rheum & Green Propolis Thomas Gloger
13:15 Lunch

Session 2 Chemistry and Quality Control of Propolis
Chairperson David Watson


14:15 “Green” Approach to Obtaining Bioactive Propolis Extracts: Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents Vassya Bankova
14:45 Setting International standards for propolis. Miguel Villas Boas
15:15 L-lactic acid and alternative solvent to ethanol for propolis extraction. Ali Timucin

Short Lectures

15:45 Capillary electrophoresis separation of artepillin C: determination in Brazilian green propolis. Nicola Volpi
16:00 Analysis of the composition profile, antioxidant activity and antimicrobial properties of geopropolis samples from Melipona scutellaris colonies. Alexandra Sawaya
16:15 Chemical Profiling of Cerumen and Honey of the African Stingless Bee Meliponula ferruginea: A preliminary study. Milena Popova
16:30 Propolis Activity Factor Using Multivariate Data Analysis for Propolis From Different Climatic Zones Shankar Katekhaye


16:45 Propolis Medicine for the Future James Fearnley

May 28th 2021

Session 3 – Biological Activity of Propolis
Chairpersons Miguel Villas Boas and Vassya Bankova


10:00 Evaluation of Antiviral Activities of different Standardized Propolis Extracts Sevda Demir

Short Lectures

10:30 Could a propolis be used as an enhancer for modern day antibiotics that are slowly losing the fight against resistance? Dr Margarita Gomez Escalada
10:45 Novel micellar form of poplar propolis with high cytotoxic activity Boryana Trusheva
11:00 Plant origin of Indonesian propolis : New compounds and their antibacterial activity Sayaka Mizuno
11:15 Stingless Bees Propolis from Indonesia as cosmetic material Enos Tangke Arung
11:30 Propolis and Antibiotic synergism in MRSA and MSSA. Juwayria Ali
11:45 Chemical characterization and bioactivity of poplar, green and red propolis: a screening study for anti-cancer therapy purpose Moustapha Diallo
12:00 Preparation and Characterization of Chitosanates loaded with Brazilian Red Propolis Extract Ticiano Gomez Nascimento
12:15 Propolis application in food preservation: development of chitosan-based edible films. Soraia I. Falcão
12:30 Lunch


13:30 The activity of propolis against protozoa. Dr David G Watson

Short Lectures

14:00 Analysis of virucidal activity of standardized Propolis extracts against enveloped (i.e. coronaviruses) and non-enveloped RNA viruses. Carolina Scagnolari
14:15 One pot synthesis of bioactive Silver nano particles using propolis ethanolic extract. Shabana Islam
14:30 Anticancer activity of Algerian propolis on Human breast adenocarcinoma (MDA-MB-231) cells. Narimane Segueni
14:45 Biological activities of odontologic gel containing extract from Alagoas red propolis. Larissa Tinô de Carvalho Silva
15:00 Brazilian red propolis incorporated into a dentin bonding agent help in maintaining of bonding strength. Isabel Porto
15:15 Antibacterial effect and micotensile bond strength of a dentin bonding agent with silver nanoparticles biosynthesised with red propolis from Algoas. Teresa de Lisieux Guedes Ferreira Lôbo
15:30 The use of propolis in oral healthcare. Munir Ravalia
15:45 Tea break

Session 4 – Propolis and Bee Health
Chairperson Andresa Berretta


16:00 Propolis and the Honey Bee Microbiome Marla Spivak

Short Lectures

16:30 Impact of propolis on colony heath and pesticide exposure in agroecosystems. Michael Simone-Finstrom
16:45 Mixed Effects of Propolis Extract on Honey Bee Viruses and Immunity In Vitro. Mike Goblirsch
17:00 Propolis use by stingless bees. Maggie Shanahan


27 - 28 May 2021


All Day

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