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Far too much emphasis is placed upon queen rearing and not on the wider aspects of bee breeding, such as the selection of quality breeding stock. Bees have far more years experience
producing good quality queen cells then we have, so why not keep things simple and let them produce their own queen cells? The talk will discuss the importance of positive selection of
breeding stock, primarily drones, consider that during the summer months every beekeeper destroys many good quality cells in their efforts to control swarming, not having equipment to utilize the spare cells.

Hopefully it will lead to questioning why it is perceived as difficult to produce queens. The main issue is how to use surplus queen cells, get the queens mated/laying, evaluating them for
performance, then deciding how/which ones to use to build up into productive colonies. This talk will explain in simple and practical methods how to select good quality breeding stock, the
use of simple non specialist equipment that does not rely on keeping to dates/timetables, the difficulty on the NE coast due to unpredictable weather in the key breeding time in May

Part of a series of webinars on Bee Improvement. These webinars are appropriate for all beekeepers. The emphasis will be on using bees that will thrive and survive in the locality they are kept in.

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20 Apr 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm




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