Sex, Drugs and Ecosystem Services: with Prof Phil Stevenson

Phil’s Research and Talk: Phil’s own research has focussed on pollen and nectar and especially the natural plant produced toxins that occur there and their role in driving pollinator behaviour, health and ecology of bees. Ultimately, we think these toxins help optimise pollination for the plant and sometimes may be at the expense of the pollinator – but they can also have some surprising benefits and uses. During Phil’s talk he will present examples of this work including on nectar caffeine and its memory enhancing effects for bees, the medicinal properties of Ling heather and sainfoin nectar for bumble bees, how rhododendron toxins help filter out the preferred flower visitors, why we should rein in beekeeping bees in big cities and will even propose an explanation about why we find dead bees under lime trees in the summer.


16 Dec 2021


7:00 pm

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