Strengthening livelihoods by means of beekeeping (online course) 1 of 4

We are delighted to offer a new, online course. Delivered by expert tutors with a combined experience of 50 years in beekeeping development, It will take place over four, one-hour sessions in December 2020.
The course is designed for people or organisations interested in developing beekeeping and honey & beeswax trade as a means to alleviate poverty. It is not a hands-on training about bees. Each session will focus on a different aspect of this important subject.
  • Session 1: Why beekeeping? We explain why beekeeping is pro-poor and explore beekeeping economics from the point of view of resource-poor farmers.
  • Session 2: Which beehive? Bees produce honey, not beehives! Yet beehives are an important tool and widely misunderstood. We explain why simple, low-cost hives are best.
  • Session 3: Markets and trade. Participants will learn about the pros and cons of local v global trade, and how to maintain the quality of honey and wax post-harvest.
  • Session 4: Interventions for positive change. You will examine different development scenarios with view to recognising when to intervene and how to achieve sustainable change.
By the end of the course participants will appreciate why beekeeping is a valuable addition to almost any rural livelihood and will have a basic understanding of how to design an effective and sustainable beekeeping project.

Participants will receive all details and zoom links in advance of the first meeting. Participants will need to register for a free Zoom account and have access to an internet connection.

Dates and times:
Session 1: 9 December 2020 5-6pm GMT
Session 2: 10 December 2020 5-6pm GMT
Session 3: 16 December 2020 5-6pm GMT
Session 4: 17 December 2020 5-6pm GMT
£60 for 4 x 1hr Webinars


09 Dec 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm






Bees for Development
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