The All-Ireland Pollinator Plan: Encouraging Biodiversity Action

Encouraging Biodiversity Action Across All Sectors

Dr Úna FitzPatrick

One third of our 99 wild bee species are threatened with extinction from the island of Ireland. In publishing the first All-Ireland Pollinator Plan in 2015, Ireland became one of the first countries in Europe to address this issue in order to ensure the sustainability of our food, avoid additional economic impacts on agriculture, and protect the health of the environment. The first phase of the Plan has been very successful and has led to positive changes across all sectors. It is a shared plan. By together taking simple evidence-based actions, we can better protect our biodiversity. As we implement the second phase of the Pollinator Plan for 2021-2025, this talk will explore the lessons we have learned and will explain the many positive ways that you can help in the coming years.

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