The Bee Craft Research Lectures, in collaboration with the CABK

This event is a virtual event, free to all and hosted on Zoom. These are Bee Craft Research Lectures originally planned for the 2020 NHS, now hosted jointly by Bee Craft and the CABK.

CABK members and Bee Craft Subscribers will receive details of how to attend, by email.

Non-members are very welcome as well

Registration for this event will begin soon

There will be two lectures, to be broadcast with a short break in between.

Lecture 1 – Ayla Paul, University of Reading

Geographic Origin and Authenticity of UK Honey Samples

Ayla is now completing her PhD thesis and will speak about her research on the origin and authenticity of UK honey samples. She will give insights of the various methods – mass spectrometry, trace element (geology) analysis and pollen analysis – that she uses to develop an “Isoscape” for the UK. Is it possible to determine the geographic origins?

Lecture 2 – Hamish Symington, University of Cambridge

Flower Power – The Science of Pollination

Hamish is a final-year PhD student in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge. In this talk he will explore how pollination works, how much of our food relies on insects, and how his and others’ research aims to make flowers more efficient at being pollinated, thus helping to feed the projected 2050 global population of 10 billion people.

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15 Feb 2021


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
The Central Association of Bee-Keepers (CABK)


The Central Association of Bee-Keepers (CABK)
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