The honeybee swarm: reproduction at the colony level

The CBKA is delighted to welcome back the renowned US honeybee scientist Dr. Jamie Ellis to talk about reproduction of the honey bee colony.


Most people are aware of reproduction at the individual honey bee level: queens produce the other bees in the nest. However, few people consider that colonies also reproduce, a feat accomplished by the swarm. In this lecture, Dr. Ellis will discuss bee behavior before and during swarms and place this within the larger context of a colony’s biology.”


Jamie Ellis is the Gahan Endowed Professor of Entomology in the Department of Entomology and Nematology at the University of Florida where he created the UF/IFAS Bee College and the UF/IFAS Master Beekeeper Program. As an instructor, Jamie supervises PhD and masters students. Currently, Jamie and his team have over 30 active research projects in the fields of honey bee husbandry, conservation and ecology, and integrated crop pollination.

Dr. Ellis and his team at the University of Florida’s Honey Bee Research and Exension Laboratory host a most informative but fun podcast Two Bees in a Podcast which we highly recommend.


12 Jan 2022


7:00 pm

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