Varroa management in honey bee colonies- Dr Kirsty Stainton


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30 Nov 2022


7:00 pm

Varroa management in honey bee colonies- Dr Kirsty Stainton

The CBKA are delighted to welcome Dr Kirsty Stainton to talk to us all about the parasitic mite, varroa destructor.


In this talk, Kirsty will describe the biology of the parasitic mite, Varroa destructor, why Varroa mites are so bad for honey bee colonies and how to recognise symptoms of infestation. She will then provide a explanation of the various ways for varroa monitoring, and most importantly, a comprehensive overview of the treatment options available in the UK and husbandry techniques that can be used to reduce mite loads without chemical intervention. This will be a jargon-free presentation designed to help you chose the right treatment for you and your bees.

This talk is targeted at beekeepers of any experience level but may be of broader interest to those interested in invasive pests or integrated pest management.


About the speaker

Kirsty Stainton is a science writer and beekeeper. She worked at Fera Science from 2016 to 2020 where she performed research for the National Bee Unit that included molecular detection of the invasive pests, Vespa velutina nigrithorax (Asian hornet) and Aethina tumida (Small hive beetle), molecular analysis of the Asian hornet diet and research into the use of antivirals to treat honey bees. She then spent 2 years working on honey bee virus research before deciding to move into science communication. She regularly writes articles about bee diseases and recently published her first book – ‘A practical guide to Varroa management’. She dedicates the rest of her time to her 20+ honey bee colonies.

Varroa management in honey bee colonies- Dr Kirsty Stainton
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