We As Nature with beekeeper Sandira Belia


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28 Sep 2022

We As Nature with beekeeper Sandira Belia

We As Nature is a monthly online gathering where we harness the power of personal storytelling to deepen our connections with nature.


“The bee recalls us to our Soul. One wing in the wild world and one in the domestic, she offers herself as a creator of relationships, a guide, and a teacher of the complex and intriguing mysteries of the Universe. The bee is a companion, a counsellor, an ally. She unites the personal and the universal.”

–Sandira Belia

Born in France, to a beekeeping mother, Sandira Belia has bathed in the bee world from an early age. In the last decade, she’s immersed herself within the spiritual and practical responsibilities of the bee ‘queendom’, listening to the ways they wish to be supported by human beekeepers. Calling the bees her muse, inspiration, and allies, Sandira provides astonishing insights into the complexity and beauty that bee relationships uphold as part of maintaining the harmonic equilibrium required for life upon Earth.

During this online We As Nature event, Sandira will share her enchanting story, inviting us to listen to and learn from the wisdom and intricate practices of the bees.

Every We As Nature event is shaped to leave you querying what it means to be a natural being embedded within Earthly systems, and empowered to celebrate your own We As Nature story.

We As Nature with beekeeper Sandira Belia
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