Wonderful Things about Bees – a talk by Professor Robert Pickard

Honeybees are 40 million years old and had fully evolved societies by the Miocene, 26 million years ago. By comparison, human beings are still herding animals aspiring to become social. We don’t regulate our population size in relation to the Earth’s resources and we are still governed by individuals who are selfish, greedy and violent. The honeybee, itself, has still not completely escaped from the violence that often results from the competition between individuals for survival. So far, herds have been dominated by males and societies by females. This talk looks at the evolution of the honeybee supraorganism and its interaction with so many other species. It considers the contribution that honeybees make to the wellbeing of humankind and the changes that we will have to make if we want to create a sustainable future for ourselves.


19 May 2021


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm






Cambridge Beekeepers
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  • Robert Pickard
    Robert Pickard
    Chair of the International Bee Research Association

    Professor Pickard is an international authority on the biology of honeybees and Chair of the International Bee Research Association. He is patron of the Welsh Beekeeping Association and the UK Central Association of Beekeepers. Formerly, he was the Editor of the Journal of Apicultural Research. He has been described in Bee World as “an original research scientist and a gifted teacher” and his public lectures on energy, environment, agriculture, honeybees, nutrition, brains, social evolution and Shakespeare have been popular throughout the world, from North America to New Zealand.

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