YBKA Event- Marin Anastasov.  The mind of the honeybee

Open to YBKA members only– see email from Clare McGettigan with links to register. Listed to inform other organisers what’s happening in Yorkshire.

Tuesday 7th Dec.  Marin Anastasov.  The mind of the honeybee.  The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, memory and emotions. In this talk we will look at what information about their environment do the bees need so they can orient in space and be efficient nectar and pollen gatherers? Can they experience and express false memories, abstract concept, categorisation and numericity like us humans? What are the different types of learning applicable to the honey bee and how bees gain and share information? Are some bees better than others when it comes to learning and retaining information; are the queens as good learners as the workers? And finally, what are the factors that influence learning?

Marin is a Master Beekeeper and has also gained his NDB. He manages 30 colonies in Gloucestershire and serves on the BBKA Examinations Board. He is an assessor and trainer for all the BBKA assessments


07 Dec 2021


Yorkshire Beekeepers (YBKA)


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