YBKA Event- Richard Noel Queen rearing

Open to YBKA members only– see email from Clare McGettigan with links to register. Listed to inform other organisers what’s happening in Yorkshire.

Tuesday 2nd Nov.  Richard Noel. Queen rearing.    Richard loves queen rearing! In this talk he will go through the process he uses to produce super queens, with their cells still full of Royal jelly on the day they are born. Topics will include genetic selection, grafting, raising the queens from start to finish, drone colonies and subsequent mating.

Richard was born and brought up in Jersey but moved to France 18 years ago. He began his life in Brittany as a landscape gardener but soon moved onto beekeeping and now he has over 200 production colonies, 100 nucs and roughly 60 mini mating nucs. Richard writes a blog and has a strong media presence (15,000 subscribers on YouTube) . You can find him on Instagram and Twitter as well


02 Nov 2021


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